The significance of automation services in manufacturing companies

//The significance of automation services in manufacturing companies

Automation services is a new type of services that are becoming more and more popular in giant companies and corps. There are many things to know about it, and of course lots of things that one service provider can offer you, but here at Fumee we always know what is best for our customers.



Automation services play an important role in industrial field

What are the automation services?

Let us find out what does ‘Automation’ mean. Ex professo, ‘Automation’ is the use of electronics and computer-controlled devices to gain control of processes. The aim of it is to boost efficiency and reliability, and in most cases, automation replaces labour. Economists today fear that new technology will eventually push up unemployment rates significantly. In many manufacturing plants today, robotic assembly lines are progressively executing functions that humans used to do. The term ‘manufacturing’ refers to the converting of raw materials and components into finished goods, usually on a large scale in a factory.

Automation encompasses many vital elements, systems, and job functions in all existing industries. It is especially prevalent in manufacturing, transportation, facility operations, and utilities and even national defence systems are becoming increasingly automated. Automation today can be seen in all functions within the industry, including integration, installation, procurement, maintenance, and even marketing and sales.

This takes us to understand clearly the phrase ‘Automation services’. Automation services is a type of industrial services relating to the automated systems within a factory or industrial plant, but the most common is manufacturing one. Automation services then consist of smaller divisions such as robotic services and engineering services. So you may ask, what does Automation services do? An engineer who specializes in automation may have to do the following tasks: design, install, procurement and maintain. In summary, automation services take care of all the automated machinery in your factories, but mostly they concentrate on the entire systems rather than an individual machine.

Cloud framework

One in many forms of automation services: Cloud framework

The important role of automation services in manufacturing companies

The way we have to work everyday has changed so dramatically over the pass 40 years. Due to the information technology, office jobs are now so much easily done and so much faster. Communication, documenting, correspondence and filing are now fully automated and so much more effectively. The improvement in efficiency also means that there are now less furniture and machines in one office.

Automation service

A brief scenario for Automation services in the future

But that’s enough about the office, let us take a look at the big gun: Industrial factory. Manufacturing plants have undergone an enormous change over the past few decades. Take one car assembling factory, for example, to see how much we have changed. In the past (about 1940s) when the second world war broke out, Ford came up with the idea of letting his workers assemble each part of one car rather than an entire car. Back then, we have to do most of the tasks manually, meaning that will take roughly about 10-12h to complete one-third of a car. Some experts studied that in 1996 14% of the US workforce worked in manufacturing compared to just 8% today, meaning that now our workforce is replaced by machines. Who knows what the future will hold for automation services?

Another benefit for the company shifting to automation systems is that it indeed means to reduce cost. Even though the US hasn’t experienced a significant reduction in capital cost, Japan and Korea state that they are now having a massive reduction (up to 35%) in capital cost, and predict that it will continue to grow in the future.

Three things to consider when using automation services

From the perspective of a customer, there are many concerns for the automation systems that he or she may want to install. That is why I will give you three pieces of advice on what to consider when using automation services.

Having an explicit plan

There are hundreds of ideas on how to best use your automation services. To pick out the best one for your factory, keep in mind that there are specific steps to avoid making fatal errors.

  1. Make up your mind: you must understand clearly what you want for your company, and what does it need right now, how much money you are willing to spend for the services and what benefits you are hoping to get from said services.
  2. Create a criteria pool: now, with your preferred goals, it is time to set up your criteria. There are many service providers out there, so you need to know what you want from them and what criteria you expect them to fulfil.
  3. Choose your provider: you have your goals and your criteria, let’s strike a deal with your contractor and prepare for the future.
  4. Have an alternative plan: always have a backup plan, in case you cannot make a deal with your contractor, there is room for another.


Planning phase

Planning phase is the hardest phase, but yields the best results once perfectly done

Have a specific list of your components

Be specific with your components. You need to specify the parts and components you want to include in your machine’s queue. This includes PLCs, vision cameras, robots, sensors, servo motors and drives, HMIs, and many more. If you don’t say anything, integrators will select the cheapest option or the brand that they are most familiar with. Survey your engineering team to see what brands they all agree on. Talk to your distributors to find out what components are available in case of a failure. Websites like Source ESB allow you to search your parts across multiple distributors. And a piece of small advice, you may want to stay consistent throughout your facility, if possible.

Automation components

Automation components in reality

Consult your services provider

‘Your wife knows best’, in this case, it is your provider, they always know the best for you. The problem is, you need to talk to them, and need to tell them what you want, and they will give you the best advice. So remember, ask your provider, seek their consultation.

Fumee – a reliable provider

Here at Fumee, we specialize in mechanics and automation and having the force of expert engineers with great responsibility, knowledge and experience. Especially, we have our consultative committee made of many specialists, researchers and professors from our National Universities and many national research labs.


A part of our engineers on their duty

The reason why you should choose Fumee as your service provider is because of how experienced we are in automation technology and automation services. We have the best engineers with years of experience in assembling, maintaining, repairing and programming robots, and are fluent in many language such as English, Chinese and Japanese. Knowledge aside, we believe that our engineers are among the most well-rounded employees one company can hire, their technical skills are as good as their social skills, with the top responsibility and dedication to their job. 

Over the years since we begin our journey, we are proud to become the official partner of many international companies such as TST (Korea), SHINMEI and NADEX (Japan). In our joint partnership with them, we rarely receive any complaints, and the results from our tireless effort are always of the top quality. We believe that once you have chosen us, your company is indeed on the brighter path towards the future.

Should you desire to find out more details about our company and our achievements, Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Once again we are grateful for choosing us as your partnership, and together we shall make the world better in our own ways.


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