Fumee – a company providing the best engineering service in Vietnam

//Fumee – a company providing the best engineering service in Vietnam

A company can only function smoothly if all parts and machines are appropriately crafted and maintained. When it comes to the assembling and maintaining your machines, the engineering service is then the answer. Therefore, without further ado, I will introduce to you the definition of engineering services, and why you should choose Fumee as your service provider.

The overview of engineering services

The term ‘engineering service’ includes any creative or service work and the adequate performance of which requires engineering education, training and experience in the application of specialised knowledge. Those applications only matter when it is used as a base ground for work such as consultation, investigation, evaluation, planning and design of engineering work and systems.

Engineering services, however, do not include responsibility for the superintendence of construction or any working or constructing environment conditions. Engineering services also contributes to the study of engineering, the review of construction to assure substantial compliance with drawings and specifications.

Any of which must embrace such services or work, both private and public, in connection with all types of utility, structures, buildings, products or equipment insofar as they involve safeguarding life, health or property of any parties involved. Those practices also include the performance of architectural work incidental to the practice of engineering.


Engineering service in a simple construction site

Benefits of outsourcing engineering services to industrial automation

Many customers who desire the services, including engineering and automation, seek the assurance that the engineers are delivering accurate designs promptly. However, some special projects and bandwidth can compromise even under the best hands of your staffs. 

When you do not have the internal expertise, time, human resources or technology needed to finish a project, it is time to consider outsourcing your engineering and design services.


Outsourcing your providers is the best way to obtain the best outcome

When your company or industrial plants do not have the specified equipment and skills to handle the projects, you might as well seek help from outsiders. Some companies specialized in engineering service always ensure that they have the best and up-to-date equipment for any tasks. 

Their employees are highly trained to adapt to the working environment and to work out the best results for your company. Should you are interested in obtaining new software or technology but do not know how and where to start, this is an excellent opportunity to outsource. 

Many service providers (including Fumee) can help you learn about tools specialized for your business needs. On adopting new technology and complete training, those providers can also help your employees with getting used to the technology for specific applications.

Sometimes you may not have the time and resources to kick off a project, or simply you are meeting the deadlines, you may just have to outsource. Reach to any providers, and they will help you with your problems, regardless of what it may be, and together strike a deal with a reasonable price to satisfy both parties.

The development of the engineering service in Vietnam

For the past 50 years ever since the Vietnam war and the end of embargo from America, Vietnam has made a tremendous change in industrial services, and more particularly the engineering service. The open-trade with international markets has enabled Vietnam to import many advanced technology and machines, which in turn boost the productivity from industrial plants and factory.

In the past, Vietnam mostly focused on agriculture with the majority of the workforce using very little- perhaps none- technology. But for about 50 years or so until recently, Vietnam decides to jump in the process of industrialization and modernization.

As a result, Vietnam focuses on the heavy industry sector, which consists of manufacture, electronics, energy and mechatronics.  To properly serve in the manufacturing industry, machines and equipment always have to meet some strict requirements such as safety policies. However, sometimes your factory does not have the required machines and equipment, which leads to the needs of engineering services. Since their appearance, these services have reduced the workload and pressure that a manufacturing factory might face.

In the past, since the debut of engineering services, it did only supply those who were in needs with spare parts, workforce and guidelines. But right now, those services give you the whole packages such as assembling, constructing and designing. In just less than a century, these services have become a booming industry that can help everyone live up to their goals. 

However, there are still some drawbacks. One of them is the cost. Sometimes, the price for such services can be set up too high for a company to follow, which might affect the fate of that company. This kind of underhanded deal between big corps and service providers to eliminate their rivals is a dirty play in the industry. 


Industrial services are considered as a new industry but have made a lot of attention lately.

Which company provides best engineering services in Vietnam?

There are many providers in Vietnam, but we strongly believe that Fumee is the best choice for you. Here are the reasons why you should choose Fumee to be your associate in all of your projects regarding robots and engineering service.

First of all, Fumee has the teams made of experienced engineers whose expertise is engineering services and is fluent in many languages such as English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese. Not only are they devoted to the tasks but also they are determined to finish the jobs on time. 

It means that once you choose Fumee as your partner, you will get the jobs done in no time with the best results. We guarantee that everything will be done perfectly and properly.

Secondly, at Fumee, we value and uphold customers’ satisfaction rather than the expenditures. We will do anything to make you feel you have made the right decision. In addition to satisfaction, we will make sure that you get the best results fitting your expense at our company.

Lastly, we are among the most trusted company in Vietnam when it comes to industrial-related and automation services. Robots are also a strong point of Fumee comparing to those of other companies as our robots are usually the latest models. 

Our price is reasonable and negotiable and will live upto your expectation. We are also trusted by many international corps and are proud to become the official associate for TST (Korea), SHINMEI (Japan) and NADEX (Japan).

In conclusion, should you want to contact us for more detail and an appointment, do not hesitate to contact us.

Whatever it may be, it is indeed a pleasure to be working with you. Together we shall change this world.


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Hotline (+84)4 6253 6849

Website: https://fumee.vn/

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Email: contact@fumee.vn

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