Robotics services in Vietnam: Pros and cons

//Robotics services in Vietnam: Pros and cons

In recent years, robots have become an essential part of the industry. They are currently performing different tasks in automated systems in many factories. However, it is difficult to operate and control robots in production lines in some developing countries, especially Vietnam. Therefore, there is an increase in demand for robotics services to help the factory owners to design, build and take care of the automated systems.


Robots play an important role in the automated system

What are robotics services about?

Robotics services refer to services relating to the application of technical and practical knowledge about industrial robots in automated systems. The main duties and responsibilities of robotic engineers are to analyse, consult, design, build and maintain the operation of robots within the automated systems, production lines and specific industrial processes. As a result, to provide a good quality of services, the provider is required to have professional qualifications, excellent technical skills and experience in the field of automation, especially automated robots.

There are a variety of robotics service packs such as analysis, design and construction, maintenance, programming (or ‘teaching’) and testing robots. The followings clarify the significance of robotics services in automated systems. Robotic engineers’ responsibilities for each type of services will also be demonstrated in this part.


An engineer is testing robot, a type of robotics services 


Robots are used to solve some specific problems relating to the operation of the automated system, undertake automating repetitive tasks and functions that are too hazardous for humans. Therefore, before being designed and constructed, robots need to be analysed carefully and thoroughly to figure out potential issues to ensure the efficiency of the production line as well as the safety of employees. 

Design and construction

After having a detailed analysis of the issue, robotic engineers can use some tools to create, design and build robots. This is an important step which will affect the success of the whole production lines. Functions of constructed robots need to match with the purposes of the production line to make sure the effectiveness of the process and to produce the proper products you expect. 


This is one of the most popular robotics services because like any other machines, robots experience wear and tear. Therefore, they need to be checked, examined and repaired regularly to ensure that the system is running smoothly and efficiently.

Programming (teaching)

Robotics engineers will program how robots operate to meet the purpose of the production line. Depending on the background of the company and the characteristic of the automated system, engineers will program and install the corresponding operating program.  


Robotics engineers must make sure that each robot must function properly and smoothly. They also evaluate its durability in forms of tests, putting said robots in stressful scenarios to analyse the data, which ensure the production lines can be carried out efficiently and smoothly.

Robotics services in developed countries


Robotics services are required in most of companies in developed countries

In the 1960s, the US introduced the first industrial robot. Ever since, their technology has improved vastly throughout many generations, creating many advantages of robots. The development of robotics has also led to the popularity of robots in numerous industries ranging from manufacturing to healthcare. As a result, there was an increase in demand for a type of services which can assist the users or companies in designing, installing and controlling robots, and carry out the maintenance. This led to the existence of robot-related services.

In developed countries such as the US and UK, robots are the key factor of automated systems, which leads to the importance and popularity of the robotics service in those countries. Most of the companies in developed countries cooperate with the robotic service provider so that their robots and automated production lines are examined and repaired regularly. Maintaining the efficient operation of robots within systems is one of the critical duties of a robotic engineer.

Therefore, they are required to have an in-depth knowledge of robotics and automated systems to undertake different types of tasks. 

Robotics services in Vietnam


The robotics service is a current trend in technical services in Vietnam

In recent years, there is a shift away from the traditional production line to the automated system in the manufacturing industry in Vietnam. The reason is that robots bring numerous benefits to producers such as cost-efficiency, time-saving, employees’ safety and competitiveness. On the other hand, technical services relating to robots are still new to some companies because the robotic service has been imported into Vietnam in recent years.

Therefore, robot-related services assist many companies in designing, installing and managing industrial robots in automated systems. Thanks to these services, many companies can have their automated system constructed and operated efficiently, which helps to increase their products’ quality and competitiveness. However, robotics requires a highly skilled workforce, which causes many difficulties for some companies to recruit suitable engineers who have both excellent knowledge and experience in robotics. As a result, it is essential to find and choose a reliable company who is a professional in the field of robotics.

Robotics services provided by Fumee

Fumee is one of the leading companies in the field of automated systems and industrial robots in Vietnam. Since the establishment, Fumee has made efforts to help Vietnamese companies to upgrade their production lines, improve productivity and quality of products as well as minimise the use of human labour.

Therefore, we have provided services relating to automated robots. Thanks to our support, automated systems of many enterprises were able to come into operation quickly, easily, which helps to improve their quality of products and increase their profits and competitiveness. As a result, Fumee is considered as one of the best robotics service providers in Vietnam and had opportunities to cooperate with many famous companies such as TST (Korea) and SHINMEI, NADEX (Japan). 


The highly skilled robotic engineers at Fumee

Fumee has highly qualified robotic engineers who can help you to carry out different and complicated tasks relating to robots. Specifically, we provide a variety of services such as analysis, design and construction, maintenance, testing and teaching robots.

All services at Fumee have been suggested and examined by an advisory board of experts in the field of mechanics and automation from famous science institutes and Hanoi University of Technology. Besides, Fumee’s services will be performed and monitored by a team of highly skilled engineers and broad experience in automation and industrial robots.

If you intend to upgrade your industrial systems with automated robots, Fumee will be a perfect choice. We are always willing to provide our customers with excellent services with the best quality, competitive price and full consultation on robotics services at our company. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information. It is our pleasure to cooperate with and support the development of your company.


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