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  • Today, the automobile industry has grown tremendously. Handcrafted forms are replaced by machines, chains, and are automatically organized to weld and assemble automobile casings. The robots, hydraulic pneumatic control by PLC.
  • JIG is a specialized fixture used for the assembly and welding of the automotive casing. The fixture ensures that the pieces of the car’s casing are positioned and fastened securely and accurately. Improve productivity while reducing costs.

FUMEE provides total technical solutions from design, product development, manufacturing, after sales service …

  • 2D, 3D Design & Simulation
  • Manufacturing, assembling
  • Consulting solutions, upgrading assembly line
  • Contractor in welding car assembly

Process Design


2D, 3D Design & Simulation

We perform ongoing research to improve quality. Reduce costs and shorten the delivery time in the design process. As well as testing device compatibility and feasibility through 3D simulations.

Manufacturing & Assembling

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